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Investing: 101 webinar scheduled for tomorrow!

We know it’s short notice, but this webinar will be too good to pass up. Join financial educator Karen Chan during tomorrow’s Investing: 101 webinar. Learn about stocks, bonds and mutual funds through the story of the young company Freddie’s Finest Furniture.  Chan will also explain index funds and target date retirement fund and how they can simplify your investing decisions.

For more information on joining the Investing: 101 webinar, see the information below.

January 26th 1:00pm CST- 1:30pm CST

Dial in Access: 1-855-377-2663

Participant Code: 66141401

January 25, 2017 at 5:27 pm

Future Ready Iowa – a great resource for your future

Are you looking for education, training or high demand jobs in the state of Iowa? If you are, a great place to start your search is the Future Ready Iowa website. The website was launched on Monday, Jan. 23, 2017, and offers a variety of resources such as skill building; scholarship and college opportunities; and career information and openings.

Future Ready Iowa was created after Iowa received a National Governors Association grant in 2014. This initiative is aimed at helping to build Iowa’s talent in the coming years. According to the website, the goal of Future Ready Iowa is for 70 percent of Iowa’s workforce to have education or training beyond high school by the year 2025.

According to the Future Ready Iowa Fact Sheet, we need this initiative because …

“Education or training beyond high school has become the new minimum threshold for Americans to earn a living wage and attain middle class status. In 1973, only 28 percent of U.S. jobs required education beyond a high school diploma; by 2025, almost two out of three jobs in the nation are projected to require at least some postsecondary education or training. Iowa’s economy reflects this national trend and demonstrates a steady increase in the demand for postsecondary education and training in the industries that form the mainstay of the economy.”

For more information or questions about Future Ready Iowa, contact:

Doug Hoelscher, Office of the Governor

Linda Fandel, Office of the Governor

January 25, 2017 at 1:07 pm

Money Smart Kid Essay application now available

Each year, during Money Smart Week, the Iowa Bankers Association sponsors the Money Smart Week essay contest in partnership with the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Through the contest, students are asked to answer a financial question and relate it back to their life. This year’s question is:

“Do you think there is a connection between financial health and physical health? Please explain your answer. What can you do to become more financially healthy?”

One student will be named this year’s Money Smart Kid and will receive a $1,000 College Savings account. Participants must reside in the Money Smart Week Iowa or Quad Cities region and must be in grade 7-11. The deadline to submit an essay is Friday, March 24, 2017, and the winner will be notified by April 19.

Download the MSW Essay application at To stay up-to-date on contest information, “like” MSW Iowa on Facebook.

January 16, 2017 at 12:12 pm

An interesting learning experience leads to the book “Caleb’s Gumball Machine”

Fifth grader Caleb Kitterman from Norwalk, Iowa, has been learning about finances from a young age- and in a very interesting way. Rather than having a weekly allowance, Kitterman earns his own money from a gumball machine he purchased with a $40 loan.

“I just knew that I wanted him to learn about money in a different way,” said Kitterman’s dad, Daron in a report with WHOtv.

Kitterman has not only used the money earned from the gumball machine to pay off the loan, but also to save. He has gained both a profit and financial knowledge that will help him in the future.

From this experience Kitterman has learned a great deal and hopes to share his knowledge with others his age. With the help of his dad, he wrote and illustrated the book “Caleb’s Gumball Machine,” which will be published this December.

Once the book is published, the Kitterman’s hope to distribute copies to elementary school libraries across Iowa.

Click here to read more about “Caleb’s Gumball Machine.”

November 4, 2016 at 9:51 am

Help your students Get Smart About Credit

The 2016 Get Smart About Credit Day, sponsored by the American Bankers Association (ABA) Community Engagement Foundation, will be held on Thursday, Oct. 20. The Get Smart About Credit program is a national campaign run by volunteer bankers. The campaign focuses on raising awareness about the importance of using credit wisely – especially for young people.

Many resources are available to registered banks through the Get Smart About Credit campaign. These free webinars, presentations and communication materials can be used to help educate high school students and young adults.

To learn more about the Get Smart About Credit campaign, click here or contact your local bank to see if they are registered.

October 17, 2016 at 4:31 pm

Learn About Free Classroom Tools for Teaching About Money

money smart news


Two upcoming informational sessions can help you learn how Money Smart for Young People is an easy way to teach about money!

On Wednesday, August 3 and Thursday, August 4, 2016, at 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. ET, join the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the Jump$tart Coalition for two webinars that introduce free tools for teaching key lessons about money to children from Pre-K to Grade 12. The webinars will discuss the Money Smart for Young People curriculum series and offer ideas on how to use it. Each session also will feature insights from those who have used Money Smart and an opportunity to interact with speakers.

The same information will be presented on both days so you can pick the time that works best for you.

August 1, 2016 at 1:44 pm

16th Annual Iowa Jump$tart Educators Conference Provides Wealth of Resources for Iowa Teachers

Iowa Jump$tart President Mary Sandvig welcomes attendees to the Educators Conference.

Iowa Jump$tart President Mary Sandvig welcomes attendees to the Educators Conference.

Approximately 90 Iowa teachers and business professionals attended Iowa Jump$tart’s annual Conference for Financial Literacy June 22 at DMACC’s FFA Enrichment Center in Ankeny. The conference, titled “Financial Literacy Starts with You,” provided teachers with a wealth of resources and tools to take back to the classroom for their financial literacy educational programs.

Iowa Jump$tart President Mary Sandvig (Iowa Division of Banking) welcomed conference attendees, noting that this year marked the 16th anniversary of the conference. She reflected on what financial responsibility was like at the age of 16, and how everyone has a responsibility to take care of their financial literacy. “Thank you for coming to day to take information bank to your classrooms to make a difference,” said Sandvig.

Morgan Fannon reads her winning 2016 Money Smart Kid essay.

Morgan Fannon reads her winning 2016 Money Smart Kid essay.

Money Smart Week Essay Contest Winner

Sandvig also provided an updated on Money Smart Week, a financial literacy effort sponsored by Iowa Jump$tart that takes place each April. This year, Sandvig reported, Money Smart Week events across the state reached over 20,000 people. One of those events is the annual Money Smart Week essay contest, sponsored by the Iowa Bankers Association. She also introduced the 2016 Money Smart Kid Essay contest winner, Morgan Fannon of Edgewood-Colesburg Senior High School, and her teacher Jodi Ehlers.

Ehlers encouraged attendees to work with local bankers to identify free financial literacy resources. “If you don’t have a relationship with your local banker, make one. You won’t believe how much easier your life becomes when you have them on your team,” said Ehlers. Then Fannon read her winning essay with the group.

Carla Madson provides a report on the 2015 National Educators Conference.

Carla Madson provides a report on the 2015 National Educators Conference.

2015 National Conference Report
Teachers receiving last year’s Iowa Jump$tart scholarships to the National Educators Conference provided a report on the conference. Those teachers reporting included Carla Madson (Urbandale), Jen Snyder (Colfax Mingo), and April Moffitt (Emmetsburg)

Mitch Matthews

Mitch Matthews

Opening Keynote: Is Your Hair on Fire?
Mitch Matthews provided an engaging opening keynote about tacking stress and worry. “Money dominates the top 10 list of what people worry about. To help people manage their money better, we have to address worry,” said Matthews. He then provided tips for training your brain and redirecting your thinking to those things you can control and influence – and letting go of those things you cannot.

Breakout Sessions
Nine different breakouts sessions were offered throughout the day on a variety of topics, including: NEFE’s High School Financial Program Planning (Billy Hensley), Life Skills: Finances – Making it Fresh and Fun (Sarah O’Rourke), Three Things Your Kids Must Know to Be a Financial Success (Jim Garnett), Iowa Council for Economic Education (Kyle Osborne), How to Become a Wise and Efficient Investor (Mike Finley), Gamification of Personal Finance (Jenna Nation), Financial Literacy for Underrepresented, First Generation Students (Allison Severson, Kay Thomas, and Kristen Corey), Family Budget Simulation (Todd Hospodarsky) and Keeping It Real: Borrowing Responsibly for College (Marc Hendel).

Todd Hospodarsky

Todd Hospodarsky

Sarah O’Rourke

Sarah O’Rourke



Mike Finley

Mike Finley

Marc Hendel

Marc Hendel

Kyle Osborne

Kyle Osborne

Jim Garnett

Jim Garnett

Jenna Nation

Jenna Nation

Billy Hensely

Billy Hensely

Lunch Keynote: Applicable Research on Financial Education
Billy Hensley of the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) provided an update on using research to help understand and address personal finance issues. He shared research had conducted on Millennials, including trends in their financial habits and issues of concern.

Educators also had the opportunity to visit with more than a dozen exhibitors to learn about additional financial literacy resources available.






LunchKeynote-BillyHensley5Closing Keynote: Finding Free, High Quality Personal Finance Resources
Tim Ranzetta from Next Gen Personal Financial provided an informative closing address on the numerous financial literacy resources available through his organization. Attendees were given a virtual tour of those resources, including lesson plans, activities, projects, case studies, assessments and more, available on their website at

NationalConferenceScholarshipWinners2016 National Conference Scholarship Winners
Sandvig announced the winners of Iowa Jump$tart scholarships to the 2016 National Educators Conference Nov. 5-7 in Dallas, Texas. Winners were: Debbie Claussen (Pleasant Valley High School, Bettendorf), Jennifer Anderson (Treynor High School, Treynor), Kristy Nickolisen (Abraham Lincoln High School, Council Bluffs), Tia Shaffer (Independence Community School District, Arlington), and JoEtt Cogdill (Woodbine High School, Woodbine).

Craig Goettsch receives Jump$tart membership award

Craig Goettsch receives Jump$tart membership award

Iowa Jump$tart Member Award
Craig Goettsch of the Iowa Insurance Division was presented with Iowa Jump$tart’s second annual member award for his service with the coalition. or. Craig has served as Iowa JumpStart secretary for more than 10 years, and continues to lead JumpStart’s membership committee.
Craig has been actively involved in nearly every JumpStart initiative, including funding programs, speaking, serving on committees, being an officer, drafting policies and by-laws, and providing counsel. He has been a leader and advocate for all of JumpStart’s annual conferences for teachers and for the annual Money Smart Week Iowa.

June 23, 2016 at 11:30 am

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