Organization Documents


Through collaborations with members and partners, the Iowa Jump$tart Coalition seeks to improve the quality of and access to financial literacy in Iowa.


The Iowa Jump$tart Coalition envisions a time when all Iowans will be financially literate and equipped to achieve lifetime financial goals upon graduation from high school.

Iowa Jump$tart Coalition’s Goals:

GOAL #1: Promote the teaching of personal finance through educator awareness of personal finance content, materials and activities.

ACTION STEPS: * Sponsor statewide Jump$tart teacher training conferences to promote personal finance on methods and materials. * Use web site to promote content and teacher education programs. * Provide speakers and exhibits at subject-area teacher conferences. * Develop speakers bureau to provide personal finance presentations in the classroom.

GOAL #2: Increase public and educator awareness of the need to improve the personal financial literacy of Iowans.

ACTION STEPS: * Hold a press conference to highlight the coalition. * Encourage web site traffic. * Participate in key educator and administrative conferences, including. * Establish PR/Marketing committee to keep Jump$tart in the news and create Jump$tart promotional/exhibit materials. * Investigate commissioning a white paper and/or survey to illustrate the current state of personal finance knowledge among high school seniors.

GOAL #3: Promote business, government and community involvement in the activities and programs of the Iowa Coalition.

ACTION STEPS: * Partner with business, labor and community-based organizations to provide personal finance information through innovative activities and promotions. * Seek additional coalition members to maintain broad representation of the community. * Educate key policy-makers including legislators and state executive branch leaders.

GOAL #4: Promote communication and cooperation among Iowa coalition members and work to strengthen the coalition.

ACTION STEPS: * ListServ – for coalition members. * Seek additional coalition members to maintain broad representation of the community. * Create checking account. * Affiliate with the national organization. * Develop operational guidelines for coalition Board. * Conduct meetings of the whole coalition board and committee meetings, as needed.