Iowa Jump$tart Coalition Accomplishments for 2009


      • At the request of the Iowa Jump$tart Coalition, Iowa Governor Chet Culver declared April as Financial Literacy Month.
      • Iowa Jump$tart coordinated the Federal Reserve Money Smart Week in April in 3 different locations: Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and the Quad Cities; and also
          • Hosted the Financial Forum in Des Moines.
          • Coordinated 100 partnering organziations who hosted over 100 events.
          • Produced a 12-page newspaper insert on financial education topics.
          • Awarded a scholarship for the Money Smart Kid essay contest.
          • Extended Money Smart Week’s outreach to about 8,000 students by touring schools with Ben Franklin.


      • Iowa Jump$tart exhibited at the Iowa Business Educators Association (IBEA) Conference and the Iowa Family Consumer Science Educators (IFCSE) Conference.
      • The 9th Annual Personal Financial Literacy Conference was held in July at Simpson College in Indianola with over 70 teachers attending.  Jeanne Handeland, a Personal Finance teacher at Estherville-Lincoln Central High School, was named 2009 Financial Educator of the Year at the conference.
      • Iowa Jump$tart selected and sponsored Business Teacher Roger Poling, Dubuque Hempstead High School, to represent Iowa in November at the National Jump$tart Financial Literacy conference in Washington, DC.  Roger will be sharing his experience at Iowa’s 10th Annual Personal Financial Literacy Conference, July 22 & 23, 2010, at Des Moines Area Community College.
      • Iowa Jump$tart expanded its mission “To improve the personal financial literacy of all Iowans” not just “Iowa youth”.
      • The Iowa coalition hosted a webinar on “The New Credit Card Rules: What You Need to Know” as presented by Iowa State University Helen LeBaron Hilton Endowed Chair, Jeanne Hogarth.



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