2015 Personal Financial Literacy Conference

 15th Annual Conference for Personal Financial Literacy:
Take a Jump Into Financial Literacy!
Sponsored by the Iowa Jump$tart Coalition

Jump Into Financial Literacy

Thursday, July 16, 2015
FFA Enrichment Center, DMACC
1055 SW Prairie Trail Parkway, Ankeny
8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Breakfast and lunch provided!

Conference Description

Financial literacy is something that we are passionate about!  We have taught and supported Iowans throughout our 15 year history to embrace financial literacy.  Every year we offer a conference targeted to all educators to get an update on the programs and materials available to help them teach financial literacy to Iowans everywhere.  We welcome you to come to the conference to get these materials and to collaborate with us and other educators so that we can learn from each other.

Conference Highlights

Keynote Speakers

Finley and his libraryMike Finley, CMPW
The Crazy Man in the Pink Wig

Financial literacy can be much more than just a few savvy concepts that will help build habits designed to benefit a person in managing money effectively. Those concepts speak to the brain; Mike speaks to the heart. Financial literacy is about changing the way you think, by changing the way we feel. A financial education can change the course of your life when you are truly ready to receive the information and act on it. Mike provides a path toward helping you not only achieve financial security, but the freedom that it can bring into your life and into the lives of the people you care about. YOU are the answer. Awake to the possibilities!  Read more about Mike, aka, the Crazy Man in the Pink Wig, at http://www.thecrazymaninthepinkwig.com.

Lincoln Hughes, EverFi
Strengthening Financial Education in Iowa: Data-Driven Recommendations

EverFi has produced a report that discusses the financial knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of over 10,000 high school students in Iowa who participated in the Iowa Financial Literacy Program in the 2013-14 academic year. It explores the differences between students in rural and urban settings, the importance of parental influence, and student preparedness to finance their post-secondary education.

Robert Kinzer, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Free Financial Education Resources for Educators

The interactive presentation will focus on new tools from the FDIC for educators to improve financial education and decision-making skills among young people from pre-K through age 20. The presentation will particularly focus on the newly released instructor-led Money Smart for Young People curriculum series. This series features four free curriculums, each with multiple lessons that offer instructors ideas on how to integrate financial education instruction into subjects such as math, English, and social studies. And, the new curriculum series presents opportunities to involve educators, students, and parents/caregivers in the learning process. The workshop will also overview the Teacher Online Resource Center which includes videos that demonstrate how financial education concepts can be taught in the classroom.

Breakout Sessions

Junior Achievement as a Solution Provider for Financial Literacy Education

Schools in our community look to Junior Achievement to provide supplemental learning experiences that help young people develop the competence, confidence, and character to make smart academic and economic decisions. Erin Kurt of Junior Achievement will share several programs that provide solutions for financial literacy, specifically JA Finance Park and JA Personal Finance.

Keeping It Real: Borrowing Responsibly for College

Many high school students don’t know that their ability to repay student loans depends on how much they can realistically expect to earn later — or even what a realistic salary might be. Marc Hendel of Iowa Student Loan will discuss the Student Loan Game Plan and Return on College Investment, which are two free online tools to help students understand how to borrow responsibly so they can successfully repay their student loans. See how integrating these tools into your classroom could earn your students and school a financial award.

Teach, Measure, Improve: A Journey in Financial Literacy

Promoting financial literacy requires continuous efforts to meet student needs. Seeking out instructional materials and strategies, using multiple measures to determine student understandings, and reassessing next steps is all part of the journey for successful learning. A panel of Iowa educators from the 2014-15 Project Financial Literacy initiative will share their personal challenges and successes in teaching financial literacy. Session participants are encouraged to share in dialogue with the panel to collaboratively discuss experiences in their own classrooms and communities.

Financial Literacy Curricula and Simulators

Come and learn about free curricula, simulators, and hands on classroom activities that you will actually use, presented by Kyle Osborne of the TS Institute. TS Institute specializes in K-12 financial literacy resources and has helped over 200 Iowa teachers teach financial literacy. Come and learn with us!

Buying an Education: How to be a Smart Consumer When Shopping for College

For most high school seniors, a college education is the first major purchase they’ll make, and one that will have a lasting impact on their future. Kathi Gosnell from the Iowa Attorney General’s Office will provide information on evaluating college options, and “comparison shopping” that attendees can share with their students to ensure all high school seniors pursuing two-year, four-year, or career and technical programs are prepared to make the best decision on this investment in their future.

Wells Fargo’s Hands on Banking Financial Education Program

Nicolas Gittings of Wells Fargo will provide information on Wells Fargo’s Hands on Banking program, which can help your students take charge of their financial future. Easy to use instructor guides gives you everything you need to share this valuable program with groups of any size. Lessons for students are packed with fun activities and easy to integrate into the classroom. This free and non-commercial program also meets all national and state educational standards.

Education Now and Tomorrow:
Financial Education in the Classroom, at Home and in the Future

Iowa’s Deputy Treasurer Karen Austin will discuss how educators can incorporate financial lessons into their curricula, encourage parents to reinforce that education and introduce parents to saving for the future with College Savings Iowa. This will include free websites and classroom activities that align with common core standards and fit into curriculum at all levels, a collection of free online games and mobile apps for parents to use at home, and an introduction to how teachers can educate parents about College Savings Iowa.


Make sure to visit with our many exhibitors during the conference, who are ready to answer all your questions about available tools and resources.  A list of exhibitors is available in the program.

Teacher Credit

If you attended the Financial Literacy Summit on May 5, 2015, you have the option to get teacher credit by also registering and attending this Financial Literacy Conference! Visit the link below for more information.


National Jump$tart Teacher Conference

It has been a tradition for Iowa Jump$tart to sponsor teachers to attend the National Jump$tart Teacher Conference.  If you are a K-12 Educator, please consider attending our conference to win a sponsorship to the national conference in  November.  You must register, apply, and attend the Iowa Jump$tart Financial Literacy Conference in order to be eligible to win.


Pre-conference Handouts

2015 Iowa Jump$tart Program with Agenda

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