2013 Personal Financial Literacy Conference

2013 Conference

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Annual Conference for Personal Financial Literacy

Thursday, July 18, 2013

DMACC Conference Center

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Conference Summary

Financial Literacy is something that we are passionate about! We have taught and supported Iowans throughout our 13 year history to embrace Financial Literacy. Every year we offer a conference targeted to educators of all kinds to get an update on the programs and materials available to help them teach Financial Literacy to Iowans everywhere. Furthermore, the conference fosters collaboration with us and other educators so that we can learn from each other.

Thank you to our speakers, exhibitors and attendants who made the 13th annual conference a “lucky” event indeed.

With the new Iowa Core Curriculum in place in Iowa schools, the role of our annual conference appears more vital than ever.  We look forward to doing it bigger and better in 2014!

Conference Highlights:

Dr. Mary Ann Campbell, CFP

  • Keynote speaker, Dr. Mary Ann Campbell, CFP, applied a bit of fun and Money Magic to financial literacy. She engaged us with her personality and talents to teach financial literacy in a creative way.
  • Geo Cache was a big hit and the technology worked great throughout the day until a winner was selected!
  • Teenage entrepreneur, Tanner Johnson, inspired us with his above average financial skills and surprising future education and career goals.
  • Money Smart Essay Winner, Macy Evans demonstrated the knowledge and poise that made her a winner and the savvy financial smarts that will keep her a winner for years to come.
  • Our thirteen Exhibitors offered resources and information that complemented our available sessions.
  • Dr. Amy Harris, chief economist and administrator of the Research and Analysis Division of the Iowa Department of Revenue, connected basic economic concepts with key public policies for a new perspective on our money decisions (at any age).
  • The closing session wrapped up a great day with idea sharing and revenue opportunities for many conference attendees.

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